Scott Starr is a vocalist and guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area who has entertained audiences on three continents. He is currently performing regularly in Napa and planning to return to the recording studio in January, 2019 with a new batch of songs for an early summer EP release. 

His eclectic style draws from sources as diverse as the Beatles and Frank Sinatra - all the way from Brazilian Bossa Nova to Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheeran. 

Scott performed in Las Vegas for five years while hosting a weekly songwriters’ showcase. He was a television guest on Channel 13’s “Morning Blend” and “Valley View Live,” as well as a frequent performer at the Mandalay Bay House of Blues and Irish Pub Ri Ra. 

Scott spent 2015 traveling in Europe where he performed in Italy’s “Cinque Terre”, Budapest’s “Ruin Pubs” and night clubs as far east as Kiev. In 2016, he moved back to California to re-establish his roots. “I always knew I’d return to the Bay Area, but Las Vegas allowed me to gig up to six times a week for long stretches of time. When you’re up in front of people that often, it really lets the performance aspect of music sink into your bones.” 

“Throughout Europe and now Napa, I’ve really enjoyed playing different kinds of shows where I’m able to connect below the surface with audiences – I love doing house concerts. My favorite local venue is Silo’s on the Napa River – the sound is amazing and you feel each person’s presence in the room. The weddings in wine country have also been incredible – you become like part of the family.” 

Scott’s songwriting, while always accessible, full of imagery, and occasionally humorous, focusses on the relationships we define ourselves by. “When I write, I try to tap into the desire we all have to connect with each other – and explore the ways that can happen.” 

Connect with Scott here if you are interested in next year’s EP release, hosting a house concert or corporate event, or know anyone getting married soon. 


Valley View Live in Las Vegas